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samedi, août 6 2016

Efficient Remote Desktop on linux: xrdp with RemoteFX

The two most known Remote Desktop Service on linux are XDMCP and VNC.

  • XDMCP because of the nature of X11, allowing network support directly into the protocol by design. Mostly known by advanced linux admins and seniors unix users.
  • VNC because of the easy to install a server, the availability to get a free server and client. Mostly known by users working on other platform (Windows, Mac).

These two protocol suffer from performance issue.

There is still place for RDP, mostly known because of the remote desktop service for microsoft servers, also some implementation exist in Linux: xrdp

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lundi, janvier 19 2015

Using several PXE servers on one DHCP: chaining!

In large environment, most enterprise software provide All-in-one solutions, they manage the computer since the boot. Fixing one PXE server in the DHCP profile for a computer, makes it hard to adapt for other usage.

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mardi, avril 29 2014

OSX: what is Netboot and using it with linux

Netboot is a technology created by Apple to boot computers on the network like PXE. OSX Server integrates a daemon for this service. It uses a extension of DHCP, known as Boot Service Discovery Protocol BSDP

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