samedi, septembre 22 2007

suspend to disk, nvidia 6200 engineer version, Via Apollo KT266/A/333 and mandriva

I had some problems to get out the suspend to disk working with my old computer. Big issue was the nvidia card, because I had a engineer version from a NV44A GeForce 6200. Resume never worked. I've decided to get this thing out to have quiet nights, now!

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mercredi, juillet 25 2007

BWIC: it's over!

and our team is fourth. BWIC challenge (BaWu for the french) is the Inline Cup for the , an Land from Germany. This is the equivalent of the French Cup. This is the main page, the web page isn't a lot accurate, but it takes time to update and write all articles :). The most intereting part is the  […]

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vmplayer 60Mb, why ?

I've upgraded my vmplayer installation, and noticed that the rpm was going oversized, 65Mb! Damn, java inside ? No, only the unavailibility to linux to provide a stable api for the kernel interface. Most of the files in the rpm (or the tar.gz) are modules for distribution X version Y Where is the  […]

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vendredi, juillet 13 2007

OpenOffice can lock at exit

Some users have reported that OpenOffice locks at exit, with 2.2 under Linux sometime. OpenOffice isn't very aware that NFS /home can be a nightmare for locks. The solutions is easy: ask OpenOffice to make locks with care: Edit /usr/lib/ooo-2.2/program/soffice and set SAL_ENABLE_FILE_LOCKING=0

mercredi, juin 20 2007

So long

Time goes and no news on the blog. No time, I dream on 96h days! These months I've been working on: At work, a new datacenter. going from scratch for the room, but All the existing infrastructure has to be keep or to be upgraded. And of course, it's too expensive for the manager. Video postcasting:  […]

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samedi, avril 21 2007

Addicted to techno is back!

After 6 months offline, the webradio Addicted to techno is back. So my relay is up again and enjoy!

samedi, mars 17 2007

Mandriva 2007.1 release and usuability

The Mandriva 2007.1 release is coming up. It will be a very good update for 2007.0 release, with a lot of bug fixes, new software. But as awlays there is still be some caveats: The KDE team has decided for you What Good is: a large, and impressionnant "Mandriva" in the kicker : Yes That's  […]

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dimanche, mars 11 2007

D - 15 ; T - 5; H ready

Only 15 Days left before the National championship. 50km to go. Only 5 Training left, unfortunaly I won't be available for 2 training next weekend. But in my Head, I'm ready! It never gets easier, you just go faster

lundi, janvier 22 2007

Inline Calendar

As I'm living near Germany, I go to some races in Germany too. Here some calendars German Inline Speed Skating Calendar French Inline Speed Skating Calendar

mardi, janvier 9 2007

NFS and sessions not starting

I was tired of some student reporting "My KDE doesn't start". Sometime no kdesktop (no backgroud), some time no kicker , or only backgroud! I've looked all around to understand why it was hapening to some users only, on only two of the four server available. NFs was used so I was  […]

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mercredi, décembre 6 2006

ghosting Mandriva 2007.0

I got some surprise, after ghosting several 2007.0 Mandriva. The network card was found as eth0, but eth1 was the device used!

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mercredi, novembre 22 2006

samba vs. AD

New computer to install, new error with AD. No problem, that's my job.

Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please ensure that the DNS domain of this server matches the AD domain, Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.

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vendredi, novembre 10 2006

apache vhost and kerberos authentification

Using kerberos (Active Directory or classical Unix kerberos) is easy to deply for transparent authentication of users, with apache: The mod_auth_kreb do most of the job. But using vhost, some problems arise....

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mardi, novembre 7 2006

Entrainement en salle

Deux petits rush de vidéos prises à l'entrainement, en attendant de faire un montage...

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jeudi, septembre 21 2006 and mandriva kernel

One more time, I'm getting the famous:

What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? /usr/src/linux/include
The path "/usr/src/linux/include" is a kernel header file directory, but it does not contain the file "linux/version.h" as expected. This can happen if the kernel has never been built, or if you have invoked the "make mrproper" command in your kernel directory. In any case, you may want to rebuild your kernel.

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samedi, août 19 2006

What jabber server for kerberos integration ?

It seems that the only server which support real kerberos authentication ...

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mardi, août 8 2006

Mont Ventoux: Done

Le rendez vous était fixé à 7h50 sur le parking de Bedoin, à la sortie de la ville

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lundi, juillet 24 2006


Yes, its done, I've passed the 5000km with my inline skates.

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lundi, juillet 10 2006

Bugfix not publicly available.

Like last year, when I tried to deploy windows 2003, I got problems only resolved with an non public patch from Microsoft

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vendredi, juillet 7 2006

kadmin and Active Directory, Microsoft Interoperability

I was missing the kadmin equivalent MIT kerberos, under Active Directory...

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