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Oracle Jdeveloper: silent install of extensions

Oracle Jdeveloper uses extensions to add more functionalities.

The only documented installation is interactive: it asks the user to get them through the update menu, and requires admin privileges (and will fail silently).

But there is a way to install them silently.

The utility is named ojwebupdate, and is available in jdeveloper/jdev/bin directory. Here some examples for installing the junit extension:

  • To get the help: ojwebupdate -help
  • To list updates ojwebupdate -l
  • To install a extension, ojwebupdate -bundles=oracle.jdeveloper.junit,oracle.BC4J.junit
  • To install with a file containing the list of bundles : ojwebupdate
  • To install zipped archives downloaded locally from the site: ojwebupdate -zips=/tmp/,/tmp/

You have to call it twice to install the extension!

The tool uses java, so it's available for Linux and Windows

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